Out Today: I Caught a Fish

February 26, 2021

Cat and The Queen’s third full-length album is out today!

I Caught a Fish is a product of tour dates across Central and Eastern Canada falling through due to the COVID-19. Along with cancelled tour dates, CATQ found herself homeless and moved into her brother’s home just outside of Toronto, where she was able to find the beginnings of musical inspiration. Two months later, CATQ finished her album alone in a secluded cabin, deep in the forests of Northern Ontario.

“This album wasn’t premeditated or planned – it was created more out of necessity – a need to create music in order to process upheaval, instability, changes and future unknowns. I think of this album as a photo album – full of snapshots taken from a specific time, a specific place. Snapshots include navigation of loneliness / grasping in isolation / impact of BLM / delusion of memory / relationship and heartbreak / pleasure in self exploration / a call for community and action… This album doesn’t have a conscious coherent sonic theme to it, but each song is indeed a snapshot photo in an album documenting my 2020 spring/summer experience. Raw, simple, low-production, heart.” – CATQ

I Caught A Fish includes CATQ’s two singles previously released singles “Bear Boy” and “Lonesome Flame” and 10 unreleased tracks. I Caught A Fish sticks to a simplistic production method and focuses on the raw and heartfelt lyrics of each track. Produced mostly by CATQ herself and co-produced, mixed and mastered with longtime music collaborator and Juno Award-nominated producer, Alex Gamble. Along with Gamble, ICAF features writers Matthew Parker on “Cabin Fever,” and her best friends’ children: Max, Charlie, and Elsie Sherry on “You Take Care Of Us.”

Available everywhere you buy or stream music!

Cover Photo & Design: Kale Vandenbroek