Lonesome Flame

January 29, 2021

Killer new video alert!

A note from Cat: During the summer months of Covid I was isolated, alone, in a small cabin in northern ontario – about three hours north of Toronto. It was just the woods, my keyboard and I… and some low-fi recording gear. On one of my regular morning walks, something really struck me… it was wild… I was walking down this hill and I had this strange, thick feeling I wasn’t alone. And there it was. I could see the playful and teasing nymph like ghost of Loneliness peaking around the trees. I’m not kidding. I was like, woah, Loneliness is coming for me. And I was scared. And what did I do? I went into the cabin, and started writing a poem. Little did I know this poem was in fact and INVITATION – an invitation for Loneliness to come inside and have a meal and a rest and the opportunity to be SEEN. And did she ever speak up. She manifested into this here song and she, in the many songs that I have, is certainly one of my favourites. Loneliness when given the permission to shift, gracefully finds its way to Solitude. Loneliness can request many things from us; perhaps it’s the binge watching of a tv series, very long naps, ice cream binge attack, a desperate and heavy handed phone call… in this case, she showed herself as a song. And again, she is one of my favourites. ox catq

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