What you feeding your spirit, boo?

Holy eff. Do I spend the rest of my days attributing my turbulent emotional inner ocean to planetary action so articulated and verbally harnassed by chani nicholas and mysticmamma. Um. Probably. Yes...and...





there are more to variable to consider when monitoring the wavy waters of the soul. 


how much you working? (joe job)

how much you (losing yourself) in practice and craft?

how much you spending on ubereats?

how much you drinking? 

ahhh.... and there it is.

I said it. 

the real beast. the one i am making nice with. today. and tomorrow's today.

Those spirits in a crystal bottle. Boy. They really silence the legit spirit. You think they're set free. They feel set free. But tell me. What did you talk about last night?  

The spirit that is my 6 year old self. Now, she's the spirit I'm interested in feeding. And what's her food?

friendship. quiet time. tara brach. hot baths. naps. kindness. 

To each and all of our 6 year old selfs and our new solar years. 

I mark it with the single release of BLADES OF GRASS. So very proud. 


blades of grass cover.jpg