Reaching Out

Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures, and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious.
— St. Thomas Aquinas

People in our life. Valuing them. Reaching out. Listening. Asking questions. Listening. Loving. Basic stuffs? Sort of not really. 

Hate to say it but I need to remember to do these things ALL THE TIME. 'Cause, baby baby, I get stuck in my headskees too much oh too much of the time. I recently listened to Adam Robinson on Tim Ferris' podcast and he has a little formula:




sleep. water. movement. 

and I would add (for the sake of illiteration I'll keep with B)

Brethren (or Bosom Buddies)

Plural of brotherhood, it's community. Beeeeeecause, what the fuck else do we have. Yes. Art. Work. Music. Connection with something bigger than me. Silence. Meditation. .... ok. ok. But in the thick of my thinking, my self-centredness, the way out is through others. 

Cause these days, I am picking up the phone a lot more and asking my friends, distant and close and acquintancey and bestie...all walks) 


Common answer is: overwhelmed. 

Everything is big. very big. and we are small. very small. so what to be done?

Connect. With others. and feel more like a wave in an ocean, you dig? apart of something bigger. 

This may be simple reflex fact living obviousness for some people. It isn't for me. It's a very, very specific, intentioned practice. To ask others. To care for others. To move out of my own driven, self focused way. 

Call your pal today and say I lerv you, pal.