the Business of art

Something has become a bit, well, glaringly apparent for me, these days.

How much time am i spending on the social media of the art 

rather than

you know what

doing it

practicing it

for the gods, for the spirit, for survival.

When I wake up in the morning I often want to dive back into my dreams. (I was abut to get it on with one of the friends' cast members but I just had to pull my tampon out first. I think it was Phoebe)... but away, far far far away from the realities of,


work. and the balance of it. 

I guess it's about self-parenting on this one. Cause I can begrudge the social media computer land aspect of this work and and and, I can also hide behind it. Like hide in that overwhelming feeling that I'm wasting my efforts... like i'm one of those stories where it gets sad at the end... 

and let the spiral begin!!!!!!



This is where my parent, says to me, 

Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. 


And what does that mean. 

Acknowledge and do the cyber world to the best of my ability,

and then?


And return, return, return to the real.

The practice.

The quiet. 

The discovery.

The art. 


Blizzard copy.jpeg