Broke out into a rash this morning

Never had that happen before. 

Bright and early wake up. 6:39 am. Coffee on. Check. Coconut oil in the pan, spinach 2 eggs. Check. Vitamins, Check. Proceed to lay on couch, leg draped over the side of it, eyes closed, CHECK. And then boom. Like pins and needles and a swarm of hornets all up in my face, RED. HOT. SLIGHT PANIC.

google, google, google. 

Top thing: anxiety. Ok. So thoughts on overdrive. and crazy dreams (oddly enough when I woke up this morning my last dream was of a woman i know with a face covered in watery sacked blisters. PREMONITIONS?!) ... 

Solution: ice pack on my face. Pull away from google. Pause. 

Meditate. I set the timer incorrectly so did a passionate 50 MINUTE meditation today. (I'm not precious about this. I itch my arms and cross and uncross my legs a lot! and I think about what I should've said to so-and-so about a million years a go!) #practicemakesprogress

What were you little rash. Now subsided. Never had you before. A sign? A sign. 

Breathe. Show up, to the best of my ability. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Than being a human who is trying. 


My face and body circa 7 bells in the a.m. 

My face and body circa 7 bells in the a.m.