meditation with a capital medicine. hello 2017.

it's the time.. .it's always the time...but right now, on new year's eve, it's really the time.

for reflection. life assessing. 

my work in 2017: quiet

quiet discernment. quiet work doing. quiet perseverance. quiet steadfastness. quiet showing up quiet everyday. 

entry point into this: meditation

just did 30 minutes. there in the sit, i touch it. it touches me.


it gets to breathe. for real. it does. and it's grace. it's a reprieve from all my stories. from the stories of my world in which i live, it shakes up what i deem so necessary, so important, so all encompassing. grace. quiet. 

the alternative? when a practice is no practice then the beautiful beast of distraction takes up all the space. and she eats me out of house and home. tasty for a moment, yes. that's how distraction works. but her gas lasts for days and it's lethal. 

this whole QUIET thing is going to be work for me.

so document it i will. IN THE NAME OF PROCESS 

cause that's all it is. As mark Nepo says, "we're all just exchanging notes here".

so come spring, maybe the work will be public. Maybe i'll be distracting my ass off. fine. Seasons for everything. yes. But for now. moving forward. re-focusing the lens, let the quiet reign. let the introvert have her day. cause she's in here.  

January, 2017. I summon: dear quiet. sweet steadfast. holy patience. show stopping perseverance. 

...and don't forget shit hot humour. let there always be shit hot humour.