discipline (with a small d)

Ok. December 30th. I feel you. The ebbs and flows the ebbs and flows. There is a re-focusing happening, and i'm not alone. been chatting with fellow soldiers in muddy, sludge creative trenches and we all agree. 

a dear friend of mine, fellow bad ass artist Sasha Singer-Wilson (@srw) gave me a sweet mouse. Not a real one. A wee felted one. And I love her. And i've called her Musey. With Musey, I received a little card on the animal medicine of the mouse. 

Quietness, Adaptability, pleasure in little things.. 

I am in a constant understanding and negotiation of output versus input. You dig? 

What is missing from my practice, and what I feel in this time of collective reflection, is what is the daily practice? What is the morning ritual? 

And to be honest, as this blog intends to be, a modest tracking of a process, i feel too in the social media game and not enough in my scales and technique. SOCIAL MEDIA, you son of a bitch. 

So let this blog be an experiment. A documenting of process.. fails and wins and fails and wins, cause that is the wheel of fortune. that is how this whole beast operates. 


cause, long time quote that i have held close to my heart:

"It's a marathon, not a sprint." 

Long game, babies. Long game. 

Resolutions and more on this, to come.