Cat and the Queen - About

Cat and The Queen is the brainchild of songwriter Cat Montgomery. Playing piano from a very young age, Cat combines her musical skill with her love of theatre to create an unmatched live experience. Early on, the performances were more cabaret and satirical, allowing Cat to let loose on stage as her quirky, talkative self. As time went on, her style evolved.

This energy is not lost on her recordings. Loba Loca, a collection of 8 songs, captures Cat’s effervescent presence. A moody but optimistic journey, this album invites you to ride the wave with Cat through love, fear, and everything else encompassed by personal development.

After a few years of solo gigs, Cat began working with outside musicians. Since the development of Loba Loca, her lineup includes Dave Love on drums, Brent Maidens on bass, and Alex Gamble on guitar. Live shows include Tal Davidson on guitar and Max Kaye on vocals.

Cat’s most recent project was a raucous series of live performances, theatricalizing the release of her newest album Loba Loca. Her signature brand of musical storytelling was taken to new intergalactic heights, as she fused theatre, rock show, and dance party all into one electrifying evening. Think Ziggy Stardust meets Barbarella.